Reverse my existing Lock-It Strap

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If you own a guitar with a strap-button on the back-side, at the base of the neck, like an SG, ES335 or many jazz and acoustic guitars, it's best if you have your Lock-It strap REVERSED. It's really the best set up for those guitars for several reasons: 1) The lock will face you and your guitar in the best orientation, 2) it will eliminate an undesirable twist in the strap if not reversed.

We know that our dealers and distributors do not carry our straps as reversed, and for that we apologize. That is why we're making this service available for just a minimum processing fee. The only thing you need to do is to get it to us and pre-pay postage and processing.

When we receive your strap for reversing, you can be sure it'll be handled as top priority and with the utmost care. The front end-piece will be carefully removed and then reversed. It will then be meticulously sewn back into place, and the entire strap inspected. Your newly reversed strap will then be returned to you immediately. You'll also receive our limited lifetime warranty for workmanship and locking end-pieces. Simply put, we want you to be very happy with your strap mod.

Due of the nature of the end-pieces for our Bob Masse series Lock-It straps, this service is not available for them.

We will acknowledge receipt of your strap(s) the day it is received. For your security and peace of mind, when sending your strap(s), a tracking number is required. Without it, we cannot process your order. Likewise, when we return your strap, you will receive a tracking number confirming its shipment.