Why modify your guitar... when you can just modify your strap?

Turn YOUR strap into a locking strap

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Why modify your guitar... when you can just modify your strap?

Now we can turn your favorite strap into a super locking-strap. The advantages are numerous. Whether your strap is old or new, we can totally upgrade it by installing genuine Lock-It end-pieces. You'll save time, money and hassle by not modifying your guitar.

When we receive your strap for modification, you can be confident it'll be handled with care from beginning to end. Your old end-pieces will be carefully removed and brand new locking ends will be installed in their place. Your newly modified strap, and original end-pieces, will then be returned to you via USPS Priority Service within 2 business days. You'll also receive our limited lifetime warranty for workmanship and components. Simply put, we want you to be thrilled with your new strap mod.

If you wish, we can REVERSE the front lock of any of your straps if they're used on a guitar with the strap-button on the back side at the heel of the neck. Examples: SG's or ES335 types. For multiple straps, just let us know by tagging which particular straps to be reversed when sending them in.

There are a few limitations to our service:

  • We only can modify 2" (5.02 cm) or 3" (7.62 cm) webbing type straps.
  • We can modify most padded straps but you may want to check with us first.
  • We cannot install locks into leather straps or stretch type straps.
  • Brown locking end-pieces for 3" (7.62 cm) straps are not available.

We will acknowledge receipt of your strap(s) the day it is received. For your security and peace of mind, when sending your strap(s), a tracking number is required. Without it, we cannot process your order. Likewise, when we return your strap, you will receive a tracking number confirming its shipment.